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What kind of events do you DJ?

Weddings, corporate events, grand openings, School Dance, Sweet 16, and private parties are a few of the events we regularly entertain.

What are your prices?

Since pricing depends on many factors, we will probably need to ask a few questions before providing you with a quote. Venue, date, number of guests and the complexity of the event will play a role in determining the investment necessary to professionally achieve your intended goals for entertainment.

When should I book my event?

An event is booked on average 6-12 Weeks ahead of time. Large scale events are planned well over a year in advance. It is never too early to have the peace of mind that your date is reserved, so it is best to contact us as soon as your event venue is secured.

Do we need to meet before the event?

Most of the time a meeting is not necessary. If there are questions about your venue that require a walk-through, we can usually send a representative from to Instant Memories save you the time. Planning is best done online through  Instant Memories planning area and we are available Tuesday through Friday to answer any questions you may have about music or your contract. Instant Memories takes every detail of your event seriously and speaking to a member of our team on the phone who can quickly access your online planning area makes things more efficient and easy for you. As your date draws near, your DJ will call you on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the event to introduce himself and finalize every last detail with you, making sure all of your questions are answered and comments

When do you arrive to setup?

Depending on the specifics of your event, our arrival time can vary from 1 ½ before the event’s start time. Tear down lasts anywhere from 1/2 hours depending on the complexity of your event and weather conditions (if outdoors).

How far are you willing to travel for my event?

We tend to focus on California North between Bay Area and Sacramento but traveling outside of our normal service area can be discussed.

What kind of music do you play?

We are quite versatile and can accommodate a wide range of genres from big band jazz to motown , Disco , Old School , Top 40 , Electronic and more .

Do you take requests?

We sure do. As a matter of a fact we would love any musical direction you can give us before we DJ your event.

Is a deposit required to secure your services?

Like most all other services you will contract for your event, a deposit of between 30% and 50% along with a signed contract is required to secure your date and DJ. The final balance will be due days before your event so that the “day of” will be just fun and no business. Most of the time, waiting a week or so to make a decision won’t affect our availability but we are a small boutique company and sell out 30 or more weeks a year, so if you like  Instant Memories and plan on securing our services, then the sooner the better. If you haven’t completely decided on lighting but like your DJ, then you can just book him and get to adding lighting at a later point. We are flexible in these areas and your contract can be adjusted along the way as long as you stay at or above our event minimum for your date.

How do I move forward and book my event with Djfurstar ?

If you have already received a quote by email and have no further questions, then you can request a contract. It will be a digital contract, which will require no pens, paper or fax machines to confirm. Once you receive our contract, simply scroll to the bottom of the document and digitally sign it.

Can we provide sound for a wedding ceremony?

 Yes! We are capable of providing microphones and a sound system to help with your ceremony in most venues.


Can we do slide show presentations?

 Yes! We have a projector and screen for any event, any slide show. We will work with you before the event to make sure everything runs perfect.

Can we play longer then requested?

 In most cases we are usually open after a booked event. The only time this may be difficult is if your event takes place during the day. There will be a fee due at the end of the event for the extra time.

Are you insured?

Yes, so when your venue tells you that all vendors will need to have $1,000,000 dollar coverage, you can rest assured that we have it. We will gladly provide it directly to your venue coordinator to save you the time and confusion.

What do you wear to events?

We are stylish and professionally dressed suits for wedding. 

What if my Dj can't make my event duo sickness or an emergency ?

All of our DJs are in pretty good shape. We make sure to spend ample time at the Instant Memories to ensure our optimum health for your event. If an emergency arises and your DJ becomes unavailable, we would be sure to find a suitable replacement. If this were to happen, and it has only come up once or twice in  6 year history, you would be made aware as soon as we find out and told the reason for the change. Instant Memories includes DJs' names in contracts because we take giving you what you want very seriously.